Data logger, 1 internal channel and 1 external channel, with 1 m and hook

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    supplied with batteries, wall mount, USB cable, Windows software and manual

From storage to shipping, it's important to monitor the temperature of your products to ensure that they are being stored in optimal conditions. Quick to setup, simple to use, the HI148 Thermologgers are ideal for monitoring temperature in applications such as food processing, transportation, museums, and horticulture.

  • Models available with one or two channels, internal and/or external sensor.
  • Programmable high and low alarm LEDs flash for quick viewing.
  • Automatically log your results and view with included software.
  • Not suitable for body temperature measurements.

Waterproof Thermologger

Made for Dynamic Environments

An included wall cradle allows for easy installation in almost any setting. The included AAA batteries provide up to 2 years of use and the IP67 casing protects against dust and water intrusion from any direction. A large clear LCD displays your real time measurement so you are always in the know.

Sensors Where you Need Them

Four models of the HI148 Thermologgers are available to meet your individual testing needs. Models are available with one or two channels, featuring an internal and/or external sensor.

Stress Free Measurements

Programmable high and low alarm LEDs flash if temperatures exceed the user-selectable setpoint, warning you if something needs adjusting.The LED is easily visable from a distance.

Detailed Temperature Profile

The HI148 Series Waterproof Thermologgers automatically log your results with programmable logging intervals from 1 second to 24 hours for 1-channel models, and from 2 seconds to 24 hours for 2-channel model. The thermologgers feature extensive memory capacity: 16,000 samples for 1-channel models and 8,000 samples/channel for 2-channel models. Storing temperature at logging interval, or min or max temperature between logging intervals

Versatile Data Logging

Made to fit your needs, the HI148 can store temperature at logging interval, or min or max temperature between logging intervals. Delay logging from 1 second to 199 hours using the HI92148 PC application or the Log start button to ensure you only measure what you need.

Easy Data Handling

The HI92148 application software (required) supports communication between the logger and a PC running Windows® OS through a USB-C cable. Using the program, data acquisition parameters are user selectable and logged data can be downloaded and stored via USB cable.