Digital refractometer for chlorine

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    supplied with 9 V battery, manual and conversion table

To measure the hypochlorite concentration of your liquid chlorine containers, a refractometer is used that has been developed to determine % Brix. The concentration of hypochlorite can be determined by extrapolating the obtained value.

With the help of the HI96801 refractometer from Hanna Instruments you know the concentration of sodium hypochlorite after just a few seconds!

  •      Two-part LCD display shows measurement and temperature at the same time
  •      Results in less than 2 seconds
  •      Easy measuring
  •      Excellent precision
  •      Minimum sample amount: 2 metric drops
  •      Calibration with demineralized water
  •      Automatic temperature compensation
  •      Unrivaled value for money
  •      Battery Error Protection System reports when low battery voltage could affect measurements
  •      IP65 water resistant protection
  •      Stainless steel sample cell
  •      Automatic shutdown
  •      For chlorine bottles (not for swimming water)

Hanna Instruments offers this hypochlorite refractometer to meet the requirements of the swimming pool industry. The digital refractometer HI968014 is rugged, portable and water resistant for on-site measurements.

The measurement of the refractive index is simple and fast and provides the user with a standard accepted method for analysis of % Brix. Samples are analyzed after a simple calibration with deionized or distilled water. Within seconds, these instruments determine the refractive index of the sample and convert it to % Brix. These digital refractometers eliminate the uncertainty associated with mechanical refractometers and are easy to carry for field measurements.

Temperature (in °C) is displayed simultaneously with the measurement on the large two-part display, along with low battery icons and other useful notifications.