Magnetic mini stirrer with probe holder, black, 230 V

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HI181 are a family of lightweight magnetic mini-stirrers with an integrated electrode holder. The stirrers are compact and easy to handle, requiring very little space. Measurement setup is made simple with the adjustable electrode arm and multiple colors allow for easy recognition on crowded benchtops.

  • Adjustable multi-electrode arm for simple setup.
  • Speedsafe™ mechanism for safe operation.
  • Durable ABS covering for rough lab environments

Compact Magnetic Mini-Stirrers with Electrode Holder

Magnetic stirrers are important accessories found in any testing environment. A magnetic stirrer will ensure that your sample is completely mixed through resulting in greater stability and more accurate measurements. The movement will also increase the response time of your electrode in solution so you can spend less time testing.

Built-In Electrode Holder

The adjustable electrode arm of the HI181 mini-stirrers hold up to three 12 mm diameter electrodes for convenient all-in-one measurements of a single sample. For measurements that require temperature compensation, a Hanna temperature probe can be placed in the electrode holder to obtain accurately compensated readings.


This stirrer incorporates electronic controls that allow the user to regulate the speed with greater precision. The internal Speedsafe™ mechanism will ensure that the maximum speed is never exceeded for safe operation.

ABS Body

Supplied with an ABS cover, the HI181 mini stirrer is both lightweight and durable, able to resist the harmful effects of chemicals that may be accidentally spilled.