Multiparameter Bluetooth portable pH/EC/OPDO meter with HI7698494/4 (4 meter cable)

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    supplied with pH/ORP sensor, EC sensor, protective cap, optical DO sensor, quick calibration solution, zero oxygen solution, maintenance kit, USB cable, calibration beaker, batteries and certificate, in carrying case

Functional and accurate, this meter is capable of testing 12 different water quality parameters using pH, EC, and optical DO sensors. Transfer data to a smart device for review or sharing with the integrated Bluetooth connection and Hanna Lab App.

  • Waterproof ( meter rated IP67, probe rated IP68)
  • Automatic interval logging of up to 45,000 samples or log-on-demand
  • Perfect for environmental and industrial professionals.

Portable pH/EC/DO Meter with Bluetooth HI98494

Measurements & Logging

Measure up to 12 parameters. Don't lose important data with automatic interval logging of up to 45,000 samples or choose to log-on-demand to store measurement data for key points.

Dual Power Source

The meter operates on a built-in lithium-ion battery and will automatically switch to AA alkaline batteries for at least 200 hours of testing.

GLP Data

For better traceability, calibration information is recorded along with a time and date stamp and stored with logged data.


Quick Calibration provides a speedy, single point calibration for pH, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen. Standard calibration options are also available.

Built to be Durable

Designed to withstand the knocks, drops, and spills of real life, the IP67 body ensures top performance in any environment. These meters are protected against dust and water intrusion from any direction.

Quick Connect Probe

A Quick Connect DIN connector makes attaching and removing the probe simple and easy. The rubber coating protects the cable and provides a water-tight seal without twisting.

Data Transfer & Charging

The USB Type-C port provides for easy data transfer to memory stick, PC, or other device and is used to charge internal lithium-ion battery.

Digital Probe

Digital probe with built-in temperature sensor and three ports for pH (ORP), EC and optical DO sensors. Once connected, the meter aautomatically recognize the sensors.

Multiparameter Probe and Sensors

Sensor replacement is quick and easy with field replaceable, screw type connectors and are color-coded for easy identification.

pH/ORP Sensor

HI7698194-0 (pH only)
HI7698194-1 (pH/ORP)

EC sensor


Optical DO Sensor

* The optical dissolved oxygen sensor uses a smart cap that has an RFID tag that keeps track of the age of the cap and alerts you when it should be replaced.

Connect in the Field

Connect wirelessly via Bluetooth® to your smart device running the Hanna Lap App.


Measurement & Graphing

Select the measurement units to be displayed on your smart device. For trend analysis, take a look at the graph of your logged data.

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

Comprehensive GLP data can be reviewed for all parameters when the logged data is downloaded to your smart device.

Sort & Share

Group your data by time or notation. Email it for storage or share it with friends or colleagues.