Pool Controller with cloud connection and electrode, fittings, injectors and interne diam. 63 mm

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    geleverd met pH/ORP-elektrode en complete installatiekit

Designed to maintain constant pH and disinfectant levels in swimming pools, hot tubs, and spas, the BL122 and BL123 offer the added benefit of allowing remote connection and access to devices via the Hanna Cloud web app.

  • Keep track anywhere with Hanna Cloud connectivity.
  • Inline or panel mounted models.
  • Built-in datalogger for compliance monitoring.

pH/ORP Controller with Hanna Cloud Connectivity

Peristaltic Chemical Feed Pumps

Equipped with two peristaltic dosing pumps with replaceable chemical resistant tubing that are proportionally controlled with adjustable flow rates.

Automatic Proportional Pump Control

Adjust the proportional band based on the sensitivity of your process to chemical addition, finetuning the amount of time that the pumps are dosing.

Adjustable Flow Rate

The dosing pump flow rate is adjustable from 0.5 to 3.5L/h, allowing for better control in maintaining a desired set point.


Transfer data to a PC using a flash drive and the USB port or connect via the Ethernet Port to the Hanna Cloud.

Hold Input

Connect a flow switch so that when there is no flow or no power applied to the recirculation pump, the hold circuit will disable the dosing pumps to prevent any dosing when there is no movement of water in the system.

Programmable Alarm System

Set low and high alarm levels for all parameters. When an alarm is activated, all dosing will stop to prevent overdosing.

Automatic Logging

Readings are automatically logged every 10 seconds. Logged data includes pH, ORP, and temperature values, last calibration data, setup configuration, and any event data.


GLP stores pH/ORP calibration information including date and time for pH/ORP sensors.

Password Protected

Password protection restricts access to calibration, setup, and review of logged data for increased security.

3 Display Modes

The LCD can display all 3 parameters at one time, a 3-second cycle of single parameters, or a real-time graph.

Keep Track Anywhere with Hanna Cloud Connectivity

Hanna Cloud is a web-based application that connects you to measurement devices such as the BL122 and BL123. Measurements and data storage are accessible from your PC, tablet or phone. Measurements, trends, history, device settings, alarms, and messages are transmitted to your “Dashboard” as your instrument measures and controls your process.

Measurement & Graphing

Measurement, alarm, hold and pump status are easily viewable. Use a graph to view trends over the last 12 hours or change the time period. Log history can be transferred as a PDF or .CSV.

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP)

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) refers to a quality control function used to ensure uniformity of probe calibrations and measurements. GLP data is readily available for increased traceability. 


Select which notifications you would like to receive. Multiple secondary users may also be added to your device account to monitor measurements and receive email or pop-up messages from your process device.