Professional benchtop Conductivity/TDS meter with color LCD and capacitive touch keypad

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HI6321 is a streamlined Conductivity/Resistivity/TDS/Salinity/Temperature benchtop meter with a large touch screen display, comprised of a housing and an integrated conductivity measurement module.

Compact and easy to operate, the HI6321 includes Hanna’s HI7631233 four-ring conductivity/ resistivity/TDS/salinity probe.

Recommended for a wide range of industrial process water applications, HI7631233 provides stable measurements over a wide measurement range and does not require frequent calibrations. An integral temperature sensor measures the process temperature and adjusts the measured conductivity to a reference temperature by applying specialized compensation algorithms:

Linear: appropriate when it is assumed that the temperature coefficient of variation has the same value for all measurement temperatures.
Standard: appropriate for high-purity water measurements and documented in ASTM Standard D5391-14. This setting should be used for > resistivity measurements.
Natural: appropriate for natural ground, well, or surface water (or water with similar composition) in accordance with ISO7888 standard.

The result is reliable electrolytic conductivity (EC), TDS (Total Dissolved Solids), resistivity, or Seawater Salinity in percent, psu, or ppt units.

TDS is a calculated value based on the conductivity of the solution (TDS = factor x EC25). A TDS factor is a conversion factor used to change an EC measurement to a ppm measurement.

Sal psu: The practical salinity of seawater relates the ratio of electrical conductivity of a normal seawater sample at 15 °C and 1 atmosphere to a potassium chloride solution (KCl) with a mass of 32.4356 g/Kg water at the same temperature and pressure. Under these conditions the ratio is equal to 1 and S=35. The practical salinity scale may be applied to values 0 through 42.00 psu at temperatures between 0 to 35 °C.

Sal ppt: measurements expressed in ppt are based on the Natural Seawater Scale that extends from 0.00 to 80.00 g/L and covers 10 to 31 °C temperature range. It determines the salinity based upon a conductivity ratio of sample to standard seawater at 15 °C and an approximate salinity value of 35 in seawater.

Sal %: in this scale 100% salinity is equivalent to roughly 10% solids.