Research Grade pH/ORP Meter with CAL Check™, 230V

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HI6221 is a streamlined benchtop meter with a large touch screen display, comprised of a housing and an integrated pH / ORP measurement module.

Compact and easy to operate, the benchtop meter is delivered with Hanna Instruments HI1131B double junction combination pH electrode, together with HI7662-TW temperature probe.

HI1131B is a glass body, double junction, refillable pH electrode with an indicating sensor made of High Temperature (HT) glass. The double junction reference and HT glass design allow the HI1131B to be used in a wide variety of applications including samples with metals and elevated temperatures. Probe connection to the unit is secured through a galvanically isolated BNC connection. HI7662-TW stainless steel temperature probe allows the meter to automatically temperature compensate (ATC) pH measurements.