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Certificate of analysis

Hanna Instruments offers a search engine that makes it possible to find, using reference and lot number, the certificate of analysis of products subject to identification and quality controls. This is true for:

  • calibration solutions
  • standard solutions
  • reagents

You will find the exact reference on the label. Please note that you must always enter the order code and lot number. If the search is unsuccessful, the certificate for your solution is not available.

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There are no certificates of analysis for cleaning solutions, storage solutions and electrolyte. It is also not possible to download certificates for calibration solutions in sachets of which the  code ends with "P".

EN certificates

> EN certificate HI935004
> EN certificate HI935008
> EN certificaat HI151
> EN certificate HI98501
> EN certificate HI98509


All products we manufacture are individually tested according to our strict quality standards throughout the entire production process from start to finish. The requirements surrounding this quality control are laid down in an ISO-certified system.

> ISO 9001 certificate
> ISO 14001 certificate
> ISO 17025 certificate

EU REACH regulations

According to the REACH rules, Hanna Instruments Benelux is considered a 'downstream' user and subsidiary of Hanna Instruments, manufacturer of measuring equipment and reagents. In principle, we thoroughly follow the requirements according to REACH.

> REACH Declaration of Conformity
> REACH certificate