Quality production

All products manufactured by us are individually tested throughout the entire production process according to our strict quality standards. The requirements for this quality control are laid down in an ISO 9001-certified system.

The design of each product is based on suggestions from individual users. We make a wide range of products: from testers to portable or benchtop meters and from process instrumentation to test kits. This broad package is intended to answer an equally wide range of customer demands.

Whatever solution you choose from us, it is always a complete Hanna Instruments solution. All meters and sensors, but also all parts and accessories are produced by Hanna Instruments itself. And we take full responsibility for it. There is no risk of misalignment between the components within the chosen solution.

Simplicity and common sense are important features of the Hanna Instruments approach: although our tools are becoming increasingly powerful, they remain simple to use. Getting to grips with it properly is learned in an instant and maintenance is kept to the bare minimum.

REACH legislation

According to the rules of REACH, Hanna Instruments Benelux is regarded as a 'downstream' user and subsidiary of Hanna Instruments, producer of measuring equipment and reagents. In principle, we closely follow the requirements under REACH. Products which you purchase from Hanna Instruments Benelux do not have to be registered by REACH by definition. The chemical components in our products, which may have to be registered, must be registered exclusively by our pre-suppliers.

In our own interest and to guarantee maximum safety in our own production, we closely monitor the implementation of REACH. We contact our pre-suppliers from whom our production purchases chemicals. Our production processes are standard processes that are used in many industries in large quantities. As a result, our pre-suppliers have already warned us that they will undertake the pre-registration and subsequent registration of the relevant ingredients.